gingery Beetroot, carrot and apple juice

So this is it. 2016 is over and the new year has just started. Normally I'm not a huge fan of New Years resolutions as they can have quiet an stressful impact in terms of unfulfilled achievements. But throughout the last year I kind of grew the more or less strong aim to become more mindful when it comes to consumerism. Personally it has always been hard for me not to get trapped in the glamorous world of new things. But growing older and becoming more and more aware of where the products are actually coming from and under which conditions they are produced made it nearly impossible for me to enjoy any kind of shopping. It took me a while to find new and more sustainable opportunities to buy clothes but I'm still not quiet contend. Clothes seem to be the hardest part. Honestly, it is possible to purchase second hand clothing only. But you don't have such a huge variety as if you buy them in conventional stores. And sometimes it can get really exhausting and time-consuming when looking for something specific. And I kind of don't want consuming things to become unpleasant. So what I actually want to do is become more mindful, which means to me. buying more quality and less quantity. In this case quality for me includes the points long lasting items that are sustainably and fair produced and that don't harm any living beings. But I also don't want to be too strict to myself and be aware of my needs whist paying attention to all the resolutions named before. So finding the happy medium is the goal. What are your new years resolutions and what do you think about this topic?

Anyways, I'm hoping you've had a lovely start to 2017. may it be a year full of love and peace!

xx Clara



1 large beetroot

4 medium sized carrots

4 really small apples

a huge piece of ginger



Run all of the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy immediately!

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